Best Online Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership

Best Online Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership
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Best Online Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership

Best Online Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership

Best Online Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership. We’ve compiled online doctorate in educational leadership programs, Students considering online Doctorate in Educational Leadership degree programs have two main options to choose from: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs, or Doctor of Education (EdD) programs.

As a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, you can set the tone for all of the working parts within a schooling institution, from classes to faculty members, all the way up to management and operations, and cause positive change in the lives of students, teachers and the community.

Online Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership

Although online doctoral programs in educational leadership are a relatively new phenomenon, these five Doctoral Programs stand out as the best of many.

1. Florida State University

The College provides students with opportunities for growth and development through online program options, internship opportunities, student organizations, outreach programs, and research centers such as the Florida Center for Reading Research.

Students in the online Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program must complete comprehensive exams and a dissertation and defense, as well as three face-to-face sessions each summer. Students must have a master’s degree with a minimum 3.5 GPA from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in the program.

The online EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program requires 69 credit hours and includes the following core courses:

  • Applied Quantitative Methods for Educational Practitioners
  • Educational Administration and Organizational Practice
  • Foundations of Education
  • Laboratory of Practice I
  • Literature Review for Educational Research
  • Policy to Practice: District, School and Classroom Policy Implementation
  • Professional Learning for Educational Practitioners I
  • Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods

The online EdD in Educational Leadership program covers key topics, such as policy and law, issues in educational leadership, implementing school reform, diversity and multicultural issues, and social justice and equity.

2. University of Kentucky

The College covers a diverse array of fields under the education umbrella through seven departments, including the Department of Educational Leadership.

The Department of Educational Leadership offers an online Executive Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Studies degree program for professionals seeking to advance in leadership positions in schools and school districts.

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Studies online program requires 45 credit hours and includes the following core courses:

  • Design Thinking in Education
  • Knowledge Base
  • Leadership for Creative Problem Solving
  • Leadership for Organizational Learning
  • Leadership in Educational Organizations I
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Securing and Developing Staff

3. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Students pursuing careers as practitioners in higher education (administrators, student affairs professionals, etc.) select the Ed.D., while those who aspire to be professors conducting educational research select the Ph.D. The Ph.D. requires students to complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of on campus research residency seminars. Normally, all doctoral students will be on campus to present the dissertation proposal and for the final defense of the dissertation study.

The Department of Educational Administration also offers an online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Administration-P-12 School Leadership. Individuals pursuing this degree aspire to be administrative leaders in P-12 school districts.

The online Ph.D. in Educational Studies – Educational Leadership & Higher Education requires a total of 108 hours or 96 for the Ed.D. and includes the following core courses:

  • Diversity and Equity in Educational Organizations
  • Educational Systems and Governance
  • Leadership in Educational Organizations
  • Pro-Seminar in Educational Leadership and Higher Education

4. Texas Tech University

Utilizing partnerships with school systems and government agencies, the College of Education offers students unique developmental opportunities, as well as online program options, internship options, and access to numerous research centers, such as the Center for Research in Leadership and Education.

The online Doctoral program in Educational Leadership requires 72 credit hours and includes the following required courses:

  • Educational Policy and Law
  • Issues in Educational Leadership: Accountability
  • Issues in Educational Leadership: Curriculum, Assessment, and Interventions
  • Leadership for School Reform
  • Leading Instruction for English Language Learners
  • Learning and Performance in District Organizations
  • Organizational Behavior and Change in Education
  • Research in Educational Leadership
  • School District Resource Allocation and Deployment
  • Social Justice and Equity in Educational Leadership

5. University of Massachusetts, Lowell

The College of Education provides flexible online programs for non-traditional and professional students, as well as internship and scholarship opportunities. The College also provides outreach programs that serve the community.

The curriculum covers fundamental topics such as higher education law, higher education administration, leadership models, professionalism and ethics, and more.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Human Resources Studies online program with a Higher Education Leadership specialization requires 60 credit hours and includes the following required courses:

  • Foundations of Educational Research
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Higher Education Finance
  • Higher Education Law
  • Leadership Development
  • Professionalism in Education and Leadership
  • Student Development in a Collegiate Context



Earning a doctoral degree in educational leadership provides individuals the training necessary to shape the field of education. Professionals in educational leadership roles are people who work to do more than simply manage and complete administrative tasks.

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