Health Benefits of Cucumber

Health Benefits of Cucumber
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Health Benefits of Cucumber

Health Benefits of Cucumber

Health benefits of Cucumber – A healthy man is a wealthy man. Health is wealth. We eat food to maintain our health but some foods not only sustains us but nourishes our body in many ways. Cucumber is good for the skin and can be used to treat sunburns in the Tropiics. Read this article thoroughly to know why you should start eating Cucumber if you have not been eating it before.

In addition to the different nutrients supplied by cucumber, it supplies water to the body. The flesh of the cucumber contains water and prevents dehydration of the cells. This keeps the cells in a good condition. When the cells are healthy, the whole body is also healthy.


 Health Benefits of Cucumber

Below are the reason why this fruit should be a part of your daily diet. Add this fruit in your food menu to help balance your diet for healthy living.

A healthy Skin

Cucumber helps you maintain a bright and glowing skin. Vitamin C and Caffeic acid are constituents of this amazing fruit. Vitamin C nourishes your skin and helps in blood clothing when the skin is cut open. Cucumber can be used to control and treat some skin diseases especially the inflammatory types and Sun burns. You may come across pictures of people cutting up the fruit into slices and putting them on their faces. This act helps to treat inflammation and most importantly, keeps your skin glowing like that of a new born baby.

Healthy Heart

Cucumber contains Potassium which helps to lower blood pressure and keep it in a normal level that is good for your health. It has been shown that increased intake of this fruit reduces the risk of Hearth failures, Strokes and Cardiovascular diseases. So increase your blood Potassium level by consuming more Cucumber.

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Healthy Kidney

The skin of Cucumber is rich in Fiber and the flesh is filled with water. This two elements works hand – in – hand to ensure that your body is protected from Constipation and your Kidney is maintained. Kidney is an important organ in your body. It helps to remove toxic waste from your cells. So keep up your Cucumber intake to avoid Kidney stones.

Controls Diabetes

Cucumber corrects diabetes by maintaining normal blood glucose level. Diabetic patients are advised to increase their intake of Cucumber to help combat Diabetes.

Keeps you hydrated

It contains 95.2% water. Water is important for dissolving the food nutrients in solution forms to help your body cells to make adequate use of them. Without water, food nutrients are of no use to the body cells. Enough water in your body system means smooth skin. It prevents your skin from been dry and rough. So supplement your water intake with Cucumber.

Normal Functioning of the Brain

It contains Fisetin which helps to reduce age-related neurological diseases. Fisetin is also anti-inflammatory in nature, and can help prevent swellings in brains. Brain swells can lead to Cancer, so it is good to say that eating Cucumber help reduce risks of developing Brain Cancers.

A Good Antioxidant

It contains Vit. C which is a good antioxidant. It prevents the oxidation and destruction of other food nutrients in your body. This ensures that all the food nutrients you eat are properly absorbed and not destroyed indiscriminately.

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