Depression – Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Depression - Symptons, Causes and Cure
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Depression – Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Depression - Symptons, Causes and Cure

What Really is Depression?

Depression is the prevalent of all the emotional disorder. Depression varies from the feeling of slight sadness to utter misery and dejection. It brings together a varieties of physical, physiological and psychological symptoms which together consume the immune system ,Depression – Symptoms, Causes and Cure.

Depression is the most unpleasant experience anyone can endure.  most persons When depressed, I feel that God has left them and that all things are working against them.” Depression is more difficult to cope with than a physical ailment.The growing complexity of modern life and the resultant crisis, as well as mental stress and strain in day-to-day living, usually lead to this malady called DEPRESSION.

It also arises out of the monotony and drudgery of daily routine, without any meaningful variations in the urban life. Suicide is the most common attempt of a depressed person.
After a brief introduction of the meaning of depression, let’s study the symptoms of depression.

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Symptoms of Depression

To diagnose depression clinically has always prove abortive all the time. The most striking symptoms of depression is feeling of acute sense of loss and inexplicable sadness, lost on interest, lost of energy and lack of enthusiasm. The patient usually feel tired and lack of interest in the world around him. Frequent sleep disturbance. Constant wakefulness and unable to return to sleep.

The patient often suffers from guilt, oppressive feeling and self-absorption. Other symptoms of depression are: giddiness, lost of appetite, itching, nausea, agitation, irritability, importance or frigidity, constipation, aches and pain in all over the body, lack of willingness to decide and lack of concentration. Other symptoms of depression which some patients experience are loss of interest in eating and also suffer from rapid loss of weight while other patients may result to frequent eating as a result of gain in weight.

The external manifestation is a cry for help from the tormented mind of a depressed persons. The severely of chronic depress patient cry or felt worthless, and is finally convinced that he himself is responsible for all his undoing and his present state of hopelessness.

Causes of Depression

Depleted functioning of the adrenal glands is one of the main causes of acute depression. Irregular diets causes digestive problems and leads to the assimilation of fats. And excess of carbohydrates, such as wheats, cereals, white sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate and comparative less quantity of vegetables and fruit in the diets may results in indigestion. Due to indigestion, gases are produced in the digestive track, causing compression over the diaphragm in the region of the hearts and longs. This in turn reduces the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which raises the carbon dioxide level, causing general depression.

Another cause of depression is excessive and indiscriminate use of drugs, also lead to fault assimilation of vitamins and minerals by the body and ultimately causes depression. The use of aspirin leads to deficiency of vitamin C and antacids can cause deficiency of calcium and vitamin B. Diabetes, low blood sugar known as hypoglycemia and weakness of the liver resulting from the use of refine processed foods, fried foods and excessive intake of fats may also lead to depression.

The cure to depression

The modern medical system treat depression with anti-depressant drugs which provides temporary relief with greater harmful effect in the future. And the worst aspect of medical system is its inability to remove the cause and prevent its reoccurrence. The harmful side-effect of medical system to depression is gross liver damage, hypersensitivity, insomnia, hallucinations, confused state, convulsion, a fall is blood pressure which is the major causes of headache and dizziness. Blur vision, difficulty in inhaling and urine retention.
But the best recommended treatment for depression is self-treatment. This self-treatment consist of regulating diets, exercise and relaxation. Have this in mind: diet have a profound effect on the mental health of a person. Even a single nutritional deficiency can cause depression in susceptible people.
Dr Pricilla, associate clinical professor at University of California, prescribed nutritional therapy to build up brain chemicals, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, that affect mood and are often lacking in depressed people. She recommends eating foods rich with vitamin B, such as whole grains, green vegetables, eggs and fish.

Depress patient should exclude tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and cola from his or her diets. All white flour products, sugar, food colouring, chemical additives, white rice and strong condiments. The diets should be restricted to three meals. Fruit can be taken in the morning for breakfast with milk and a handful of nuts and seeds. Lunch may consist of steamed vegetable, whole wheat chappatis and a glass of butter-milk. For dinner, green vegetable salad and all available sprouts such as alfafa seeds, mung, cottage cheese or a glass of butter-milk.

The benefits of exercise and activity:

A depressed person can overcome the mood by activity or exercise. Those who are in depressive mood will forget their problems by doing something. They should turn away from themselves and consider others. They should turn away from themselves and consider the wonderful work of God in their lives. They should turn away from themselves and admire the beauty of nature. They should turn away from themselves and give thanks to God for counted among the living. They have many things to give thanks for than being in a gloomy mood all the time.
At home, they can take a decorating activity, repairing or constructing something new. Pleasure of achievement overcome the distress of mystery.

Exercise also plays an important role in the treatment of depression. It not only keep the body in the  physically and mentally stable, but it also provides recreations and mental relaxation. Exercise is nature’s best tranquilizers. According to Dr Robert Brown, a clinical associate professor at the university of Virginia School of Medicine, “exercise produces chemicals and physiological changes that improves your mental health. It changes the level of hormone in the blood and may elevate your beta-endorphin, (that is the mood that affects brain chemicals). Exercise may also improve the function of the autonomic nervous system.”

Exercise also gives a feeling of accomplishment and therefore reduces the feeling of helplessness. Some forms of active activities, must be undertaken each day at a regular hour. To be really useful, exercise should be taken in such a manner as to bring into action all the muscles of the body in a natural way. Example of such exercise is walking. It is however, so gene in character but with greater benefits to the body.

Relaxation and meditation:

Another important ways to be free from depression is through relaxation and meditation. The patient suffering from depression must make out time to take control of his or her nervous system and channelized his mental and emotional activities into restful and harmony activities. This can only be achieved by ensuring sufficient rest, and sleep under right condition. He or she must also learn the act  of scientific relaxation and meditation which will go in long way in curing depression.

Relaxation enable the muscles to work more efficiently and eliminate fatigue by promoting venous blood circulation throughout the body.
Meditation involves training the mind to remain fixed on a certain external or internal location. All the mental faculty should be directed, without cessation, towards the object of meditation. It can be achieved by constant practice.

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